54m Americans sing, with health benefits for older adults – report

Singing in a choir has a powerfully positive impact on people across generations, as well as on the communities in which they live, according to research findings published by Chorus America.

The Chorus Impact Study: Singing for a Lifetime, released in June 2019, builds on previous Chorus Impact Study data about choral singers, and, for the first time, looks in-depth at the role that singing plays in the lives of older adults.

Researchers carried out online surveys of more than 5,700 choral singers, including more than 1,800 singers ages 62 and older.

The new research shows that choral singing in America is stronger than ever, with more than 54 million Americans singing in choruses. This represents an increase in the percentage of Americans singing, now 17%, up from 14% in 2008.

According to the report, adults who sing in choirs feel less lonely and more connected with others compared to non-singers. They are also less likely to suffer from depression. 20% of older singers (65+) say that singing has helped to improve one or more chronic health conditions.

View the full report here.

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